Action - Manager View


Just watching some of Grant Kay’s videos - he’s using the manager view which I never do - it’s like converting imperial into metric all the time - is anyone feeling at home with this view? Should I just embrace it?


Every time I give it a look, I can’t quite figure out the point. It strikes me as one more interface paradigm that we didn’t really need. I don’t quite understand what added functionality I’m gaining or time I am potentially shaving off… maybe I should watch the @La_Flame vids again as well.

Which means maybe I should bring myself to use the image node… :joy:

…so that I can find a reason to use the manager.

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Does the image node have anti aliasing?

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Why do you need anti aliasing?

It’s action right? Should have then…

I don’t need nor want it in a cc node. But I was curious about whether it had it.

I use the manager when using the Image node. It’s faster to get to things when you’ve got more than about 5 selectives, lots of gmasks and matchboxes. Lately I’ve been gradinging through lens flares and when you’ve got a shot with all of that the schematic is a mess. The manager is then quicker to get to things.

And the answer is, there is anti aliasing in the image node.

It doesn’t seem to affect picture if you keep it on AA 1 Sample.