Basic Things Flame Should Really Have But Does Not

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Similarly, try having a heavy action schematic and you want only 2 of 50 objects to have motion blur. Enjoy 48 clicks.

Totally agree. This used to work, in some manner, at least for axis nodes in the past. I could select multiple axes and was able move their position collectively.

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A few years back the default changed to not adjust all selected objects at once but you still can if you hit space-M!


Whoa!! Thank you, Lewis.

My workaround for geometry nodes is to mimic link them, by selecting the first geometry node and holding shift-w and dragging across the other geo nodes, then turning to wireframe on one turns all the others to wireframe.

Obviously this only works for simple situations as it mimics all the parameters, but I use it when I receive a 3D track and I quickly want to get all the imported geo to wireframe so I can see what’s going on.