batch,..Save setup, iterate, Save, Replace,.. not snappy enough

When I’m done with a shot in batch, this is what I do, and got to remember to right click a folder to set save destination, …its how I work on shot based stuff,… very rarely I find some times I return to my desk the next day and find it didn’t save, either the setup or the desktop, or both, … I find it’s just not snappy enough and sometimes there’s a wait to save the desktop its clunky, and it doesn’t always feel 100% secured. Specially when you’re tired and just want go home… it should be more instant, anybody else find this, is there a better way? to save these days… thanks

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alt + w saves current batch group to destination save library. this is my preference.

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I feel you on this. I’ve gotten used to it and have various systems to avoid the “oh fuck nothing saved” issue, but for the most part I just live with it.

My “routine” is Alt-tap iteration to overwrite the current iteration, then Alt-tap the save setup button next to it and finally hit Meta-W for the save batch to library, and I keep “protection mode” on so that will kick off a Control-S save state to ensure the batch group stays in the library.

Regarding save destination libraries, I usually just make one called “shots” and leave the destination there for the duration of the job. That’s usually organized enough for my needs.


My workflow is iterate up, save desktop.
I think the delay in saving depends on how big your batch is, same for loading it back.

so you rely on iterate to save your setup, … you get to set it to where you want it saved right?, I tried this but for whatever reason, probably operator error it defaulted back to it default…

That’s odd, I’ve never had an issue. I just reload the desktop and I have my latest version.