Can not create geo with selected points error

Just did a camera analysis and trying to generate a geo on pretty basic billboard , all point are on the billboard corners basically and I get the error cannot create geo with selected points , anyone know why that would be, its kind of annoying considering it seems super basic.

Hello Bill,

The geometry creation should work if there are at least 3 points selected in the scene. Are you able to generate a geometry on another shot? That would take out issues with the thirdparty library out of the question.

four points are selected in two different shots and still get the error, the points aren’t very tricky which is surprising , think billboard and each point is on the four edges.

I have another error @fredwarren if I could ask, when I switch on motion blur the screen goes black and I don’t get any action output which is just weird. so far two different shots, but the same project so I will try it in a different project

You should contact support for this so they can investigate the issue.

will do thanks