Can you bake a IBL

recently on a job I discovered an issue with IBL.
I needed to replace a label on a cup. Its a bit hard to explain, but here goes…

I got the cup, object and camera tracked as fbx and got HDR from the set.
Now I used PBR shading in combination with the HDR as IBL from set to actually
recreate the cup to make a clean cup. This way I could match very well the reflections.
Then as a second Action output, I used the inverted object track and camera. This way I could stabilize the cup, so I could work on it easier and combine parts of my recreated cup with a gmask over the original plate.
But after all this inverting, my IBL looked different which makes sense because IBL is not related to axis/camera’s I think. Is there a way to bake the IBL on the object? So that the lighting of stabilized version is the same as original?

did you try stabilize the cup, add the label, then invert the stabilize before introducing the ibl? Poss need to use two actions - one for the stabilize and one for the .

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You can try, linking your cup rotation to the IBL rotation values. That may work if the camera is static.

If you render it it with the tracked camera in one action then duplicate that action, feeding in your rendered results as a projection from the tracked camera onto the same cup geo, then duplicate your tracked camera and invert it, you should have what you’re after. Yes it’s a filter hit but there are ways to make it less problematic.