Flame 2021 Split Bar Hiding

Hi All,

I’m using 2021 for the first time and trying to hidae the (active) split bar.

Used to hide the blue line when you control clicked on it but that doesn’t seem to work now.

Anyone else have this / know a fix?

Smoke hotkeys control + b will toggle it on and off

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I don’t want to turn if off, just hide the blue line for better colour matching. Used to be ctrl-click on the bar.

Hi Richard,

This is something that was a slight oversight with the compare redesign in 2021.

Rest assured that we are aware of this and hope to address it in a future release.

Many thanks

Cool, thanks Grant. I’ll use the checkerboard for now :slight_smile:

@richardamckeand We have restored the possibility to hide the Split Bar in Flame 2022 but it is a little bit different than before.

  • A button is available in the Player’s Viewing Settings panel and in the Edit Compare Modes window (Batch and Effects).
  • The Ctrl-F15 (macOS) / Ctrl-Pause (CentOS) keyboard shortcuts can also be used.
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Fantastic, thanks Fred