FLAME LOGIN window covers Timecode in timeline?

I was having to enter timecode yesterday and the login window is covering 95% of the timecode window. Is there a way to move or close this login window? It was kind of annoying.

Hello Tim,

I guess you are on CentOS. If so you can try this:

  1. Right-Click on the CentOS task bar at the bottom
  2. Select Panel Settings in the Panel Options submenu
  3. Click on More Settings on the right side of the new bar and enable Window can cover
  4. Restart Flame

Hi Fredwarren! It was on a linux box remote…otherwise I’d take a picture of it for you. But it’s the Autodesk login for the license. It appears right over the timecode at the bottom right of screen near the save area.

If you follow the steps I mentioned on the machine on which Flame is running the problem should be fixed.

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HEY!! It worked! Thanks Fred, you are my hero!

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