Get the suite in sync

So what are all you loveley people using to sync up all the monitors and speakers in the suite? My AV receiver can only push audio backwards but in my case my audio is behind my main monitor by around 32ms and I am looking for a hardware thing where I can just dial all that in, ideally sdi in, sdi out and then controlled adding of latency to either feed.

Does a device like this exist?

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Flame Prefs Audio /Broadcast Sync?

Problem with this is

  • only works in flame
  • only works for all monitors at the same time, I have different delays for each of my monitors. (client TV, projector, reference display‚Ķ)
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Ah. All the monitors…Hmm…I know that back in the day the Ensemble Bright Eyes Audio de-embedder used to have a hardware audio sync solution.

Perhaps has a product?

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hmm I wonder why this isnt more of a problem? I always had to choose between client tv and my broadcast monitor to be in sync but not both ever since the death of PAL :-p