GPU with Motion Vector Caching

Anyone know how to make sure or to turn on the GPU for calculating motion vector maps? I am using Analysing long clips 2 min + for a logo removal and the analysis is taking hours for a 2 minute clip. THe GPU is only being taxed at 33% with 2gig of the 48gig of available RAM but the CPUs are at 2200%. Any way to have this analysis done on my RTX8000 instead of the dual CPUs? I guess I could try to use the tools in Mocha Pro as well. Just the Motion Vectors seem to track really well with the skew and such. May just be what it is.

Not sure how to force the GPU, but I usually prerender off a vector analysis (from that node) at 32 bit, and crop down my plate for the MV part of the comp if it’s practical - it seems to help with speed :slight_smile:

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