How to Restore Pen Pressure after reading Twitter

Should you find yourself with no pen pressure settings after reading about various horrible things in the world on Twitter (or anywhere else on the internet), hit:


and that will fix it. at least on a mac. It’ll almost certainly fix it on a linux machine too, but they seem to have less problems with this sorts of thing. Probably because they run a firefox build from 1997.

(I’m probably gonna have to do it again after posting this. I have no idea what’s going on.)


Delete Twitter @andy_dill. Did you watch The Social Dilemma yet?

Oh yeah, I’ve deleted twitter a bunch of times.

Unlike Facebook I don’t have an active moral objection to it, and I have not seen the film/documentary/thing you mention (though I will now seek it out) but I do strongly believe Social Media creates despair.

Seeing friends and colleagues curated good times, vacations, and happy kids will always make the viewer draw a comparison to their own life, even as they too are only posting the good times.

It’s corrosive. It reinforces the idea that everyone is better than you, more financially stable, happier. It reinforces consumerism which is fuel to the fire.

And that’s without fever dream psychosis q-anon shit.

At least with Twitter I don’t know the people.

And let me take this time ONCE AGAIN, to say thank you for making this place. I do love to talk shop.

DO IT! (And then delete all cookies and FB passwords—that website does everything it can to make you not delete your account, including negating your efforts if you accidentally log back in)


Is this the same thing that happens after switching tabs and then trying to zoom in batch goes slowly?

I have a feeling these things are caused by mapping issues when switching between different apps.
My fix is to right click with the mouse just above the play button (just anywhere that doesn’t call up a contextual menu) and that seems to reset the mapping.

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Remember that T is important in that shortcut :slightly_smiling_face: be careful or you will see your flame closed :laughing: