Ideas on how to do 3d billoard post?

Hi Everyone,

A client wants us to produce a material for a 3d billboard and we don’t have any idea on how to go about it. Another challenge here is it will be a mixture of live chroma shoot for talents while the environment will be generated in CG. Anyone here experienced working with 3d billboards willing to share some pointers on how to deal with the technical side of shooting and doing post on this? or maybe share or point us in the direction with resources where we can learn the process? Appreciate the help. Thank you!

This looks a like perfect use of Nukes UV unwrapped render… but only for the final output. The content can be done in Flame (or any software for that matter). You will want to know a few things first.

  • Billboard screen format / resolution / aspect . Is it a continuous curved screen… or multiple ones.
  • Point of view where the illusion will work on-site.
  • Locked camera footage from that point o view.

Layout, CG and Comp can be done using this footage as a reference.
Final comp can be projected into a reconstructed geo of the screen, with proper UVs.
Nuke can output the unwrapped projection to e fed into the screen.

TBC, Nuke is the first option that comes to mind because is just there, but maybe a workaround can be done in Flame. If its a simple corner screen with two flat sides, should be a straight forward two surfaces with projections… but if its a curved screen, then Nuke is your friend.
Other cheaper software with dedicated tool can be use. Smode comes to mind:

One video is better than many words:


wow. This is a big help. Thank you for this :slight_smile: