Is there any shortcut in flame to move 10 frame at once?

at my roto working, press the keyboard direction key, it moves one frame at a time. Is there a shortcut that moves several frames at once? for example… press it with the shift, moves 10 frames.
as i dont know shortcut to move several frame at once, my finger works hard… :slight_smile:
please let me know!!..

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Not exactly.

If you tap the frame counter it will bring up the calculator. If you enter a number and keep pressing ADD it will keep increasing by that number.

thanks for explanation! :slight_smile: @PlaceYourBetts

just type 10 on the number pad and tap the arrow. The value will remain at ten for every tap until you type something else. I have a muscle memory to always hit 1 before I hit the arrow because I change it so frequently


That works like that in the timeline. If you are in bfx or batch then hit the frame number field first and put your value into the calculator then hit the right arrow


thanks @johnag @ytf :slight_smile: