Latest Version of flare?

Is the latest version 2021.1.1 or 2021.2? I would think sequential ordering would be the norm, but 2021.2 is listed under older updates, and has an earlier date…

I believe they were announced the same time, about 16 days ago, but I’d consider 2021.2 the latest version. The 2021.1.1 was a service pack to 2021 Extension 1.

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Thanks Randy.
I wish they’d keep the most recent at the top.

You bright an interesting point, @SamE.

The latest version refers to the most recent version available and not to the release date (unless you explicitly refer to the newest version of a specific version).

The Autodesk account shows the products by the release date, which is expected as users expect to see the latest releases (Update releases, Minor releases) available on top (no matter the product versions).

Although I understand your point, ordering products by version instead of release date would likely confuse people.


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