Logik Academy Pro Calendar Updates

Coach’s Corner - Maintaining a Professional Face

What is "maintaining a professional face" and how does one do it in the face of stress, deadlines, family and just wacky client and/or co-workers?


Coach’s Corner - Office Hours

A roundtable to share your challenges - goals and possibilities


Coach’s Corner - Producers and how to manage

We all work with producers - and all producers are different - what are your experiences and challenges or are you someone who relies heavily on your producer? Let's share ideas and stories and maybe get some clarity on how best to work with producers.


Renee’s Comp Club: Product Cleanup

I'm doing product cleanup today! This is a real-live example of work done on a commercial for Sonic.


Nuke for Flame Artists Session 9 - Projection Workflows

As they say... second time is the charme ;-) So this time we finally delve into projection workflows, UV Unwrap and all that good stuff...


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Nuke for Flame Artists Session 10 - Favourite Tools, Scripts and Gizmos

Let us install some custom tools to our Nuke. Get a hang of the menu.py and init.py files to get all those nice tools in there. And suddenly your Nuke might behave a little bit more like flame.


Nuke for Flame Artists - Office Hours

Bring your Questions, your Comps, your suggestions. As we finish of the basic Nuke Part, we are gonna have this open office hours before we finally get into making Flame and Nuke jive together...


Marvelous Monday Makeovers: Making Makeup Movies and More_Class 06

Join Josh Laurence in a series where we dive very deep into how to prep, execute and deliver a Beauty job.

In Class 6 - We take the published Batch Groups from the Sources Sequence and start the beauty work on the shots. In the next few classes we're going to cover how to source out and patch small, medium and large issues your client has asked to address. There are many techniques one can use to bring out the best in someones skin and we'll get started covering many of them so you'll have options for your jobs.


Logik Academy: Matchbox Shaders Open House

This will be an open-house style event for people to chat about how they use Matchbox Shaders. I'll be opening up the floor for us to talk and play. Make a list of your favorites and let's play with Matches!

Meanwhile, check out the Matchbox Wiki: https://forum.logik.tv/t/matchbox-wiki/7598

And if you're interested in creating your own, there is a video up on Logik Academy - Introduction to Matchbox Shaders: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hH4YZg5ro8w


Python for the PyCurious - Class 03


Marvelous Monday Makeovers: Making Makeup Movies and More_Class 07

Join Josh Laurence in a series where we dive very deep into how to prep, execute and deliver a Beauty job.

Class 7 - We retouch.


Nuke for Flame Artists Session 11 - File Structure and the Auto Write Node

Let's finally start to make Flame and Nuke sing together. We will take a look at my personal file structure to set up the Auto Write Node to export renders from Nuke to be easily readable by Flames Pattern Browsing.


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Renee’s Comp Club: Office Hours

This is an Ask Me Anything style event. How's your networking going? Want to walk through approaches to a shot you've been working on? Need a pep talk? Bring your questions to the session and let's get things moving for you!