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Bookmark naming and reminders

When you bookmark a post or a topic a modal window will now show up with various options.

You can click save or simply click out of the modal and a normal bookmark will be saved, with no name or reminder (note how “No reminder needed” is selected by default). You can now also specify a name for the bookmark to help you remember why you bookmarked it . Otherwise you can choose from the following:

  • Later today — Now + 3 hours, rounding to half-hour intervals. Cutoff time for this is 5pm (so 2pm is the latest you can select this option).
  • Next business day — Mon-Fri at 8am. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this option will be Monday, the rest of the time it will be the same as Tomorrow.
  • Tomorrow
  • Next week — Now + 7 days at 8am.
  • Next month — The current date next month at 8am.
  • Custom date and time — Allows you to specify your own date and time for the reminder.

Any time the “Custom date and time” option is selected we we will remember the input you chose and next time you bookmark a post another reminder option will be shown:

  • Last — The last entered custom date and time, as long as that date and time is in the future

Setting topic-level bookmarks and clearing bookmarks for a whole topic works the same way as what it used to.

Additionally, you can specify an auto-delete option for bookmarks:

Reminder notifications

We send reminder notifications in five minute batches, so delivery of custom reminders will not occur on the dot. This means if you set a custom reminder for 8:33am (if you are a very specific person) your reminder will come through at 8:35am at the earliest. Any failed notifications we will retry in the next batch. Bookmark reminder notifications are high priority which means they will be treated like PM notifications. They get a green notification bubble, and will stick to the top of your list of notifications until read.

Once a reminder is sent the reminder time and type is cleared but the bookmark remains. Clicking on the post bookmark icon opens the modal window to allow you to set a new reminder.

Here is what a bookmark reminder notification looks like:

Lists and navigation

The bookmarks in the quick navigation bar now come from the new table and will show you if you have a reminder set for the bookmark:

In the user profile activity page the Bookmarks link now shows a new list of bookmarks. From here you can see what you named the bookmark as well as the time the reminder will be sent. You can also search your bookmarks.:

Editing and Deleting

You can edit the name and reminder of a bookmark either by clicking the “Edit Bookmark” button from the actions dropdown in the bookmark list, or by clicking on the bookmark icon for a post:

Deleting a bookmark can either be done from the bookmark list or from the bookmark modal as a 2-step process (after you click on the bookmark post icon), and an additional confirmation is shown if you have a reminder set for the bookmark:

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use keyboard shortcuts to select the type of reminder you want for your bookmark and to save the bookmark. A full list of shortcuts can be found in the ? help menu.

Syncing Reminders to Calendar

If you would like to see your reminders as events in your favourite calendar application, someone has created a way to do this. I haven’t had a chance to look into this yet, but, that info can be found here: https://meta.discourse.org/t/sync-bookmark-reminders-with-your-favorite-calendar-app/144954


Thanks for this Randy! This is a great solution to the question I asked you yesterday!

I had typed up a big ol’ post about this before I saw yours, but you’ve done a great job fleshing out how to use bookmarks as it stands.

I would still argue that having a clear list of bookmark categories / folders is more usable than having to remember all of the categories you set, especially when it comes to some obscure stuff you potentially didn’t know you wanted to look for.

A scenario that comes to mind is this: Let’s say we get this bookmark folder feature implemented, and you’re looking up something about the connected conform. You pull up the bookmarks tab and it lists your 10 folders you set up. In doing so, you happen to glance at the category you set up 6 months ago about sequence publish, and realize that maybe looking something up about sequence publish could be the answer to needed. In the current system, you would never see your older bookmarks unless you explicitly search for them, and you have to get the search terms right. If they’re out of sight and out of mind, you might not know to type in the right search terms. If they’re in a relatively short list of categories, they’re always right there in front of you.

If we couldn’t convince the Discourse devs to make this a reality, it wouldn’t be the end of the world, but I think it sure would be an excellent improvement.

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Okay, cool. Gotcha. Heard that. I’ll snoop around and keep my eyebrows open for something like this. In the meantime, the combination of bookmarks, search, and PMing yourself which is a thing could get you most of the way there.

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