LTO options that don't suck

I LOVE Neofinder. Been using it for years.

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interesting I nearly went with Simply, did you go for LT09?, I found them friendly too, but I went with quantum, good but support not so personal,… the drives are all IBM, … but good friendly support is important.

we had ours for a while so its lto8 , 12TB native

Tape costs going up 40%.

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Just reminds me of the question:

Of those of you who are freelancers or run your own shop, how much have you raised your rates in the in last 2-4 years to make up for all those price increases?

For reference: CPI increased 22.13% (from 2020 - 2024); Average wage of a worker with Master’s Degree (proxy for degree of specialization) went up 7.95% (from 2020 - 2024).

Based on data from BLS.

I’m guilty of not doing this enough. Some of us just have round day rates burned in our head and keep using them, or have clients that know them. But realistically, you should have raised your rates at least 10%, probably better 15% on what you charged in 2020 for the same work.


interesting,… LTo9 only by 15% still worth going for.