Memorial celebration for Marguerite Cargill

It’s hard to believe, but July 10 marks a year since we lost Marguerite Cargill. There is a plan to host a memorial for her in a dear friends backyard in Westchester, California on Saturday, July 9. If you are interested in joining, or have some pictures or anecdotes to contribute, please send me an email at: Thanks so much, LOGIK family


Thank you for sharing this :heart::fire:

Hello everyone not sure if this has been posted. There will be a memorial for Marguerite. I will be out of town so raise one up for me.

Here is the Evite


Thank you, Culley. Marguerite’s and Ivar’s passing both happened during the height of the pandemic. If it had been at any other time I think we would have done this before. I worked closely with both, and it was a tremendous loss on many levels.

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And Mark Doney.

And Brian Robinson :frowning:

Hiya guys, I’m going to delete the erroneous posts just so there isn’t any confusion.

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Here is the original link:

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Unfortunately, I’ve never met Marguerite. But I met Ivar and Mark. All huge losses. Ivar’s death particularly hit me. We had deep talks far beyond filmmaking. I just wanted to let you know that threads like this prove what a great community this is. THANKS.


Sorry Chris i didnt see the other post. Maybe if you pin it? Thanks
I did look to see if it was posted and i didnt find it.