ML Timewarp artefacts pattern

Hi guys

I’m getting a strange dotted grid pattern printed on my footage when using this to retime on a Z8/RTX8000/centos7.6, ACEScg … same on a iMac 2020

I’m using “Timewarp from Flame’s TW effect (beta)” 0.4.3, is this fixable?

Anybody else seen this before?

I would just like to add that the slowmo was amazing, it was for a totally CG comp, but im afraid unusable with this pattern going threw it so had to got back to CG to retime. if you have a solution Talosh it would be even more amazing, thanks.


It has always been there sadly, I’ve mentioned this a few times to fellow flame artist. The thing is it’s quite hard to spot on ‘normal’ footage if you don’t do additional VFX work on it. I assume the issue is related to a resolution parameter on the model itself.
One thing that helps is separating the noise with Neatvideo and reapply after the retime which hides the artefacts a little bit. But since your case is not live action I’m afraid that won’t do you any good.