New FLAME CAPSULE - Set Caching Range for Motion Vectors, Normals and Z-depth Maps - Flame 2022.2

Hi All,

Today’s 30 second Flame Capsule covers the different options for caching data passes to be used for a variety of tasks including machine learning functions.

The default option for caching is to cache the entire length of your composite. If you were to change the duration of the composite, the caching duration will also change. This is even more beneficial if you copy setups between Batch Groups, the caching range will adjust to the new Batch Group. So this is super useful and everything is always cached correctly.

The second option for caching is custom range. This allows you to choose how many frames to cache as well as set a starting and end frame. This could be handy for testing a few frames or perhaps a certain component is only required for a shorter length of time in the composition.

Cache what you want, when you need it!