Percentage of Work Created Due to Fear of a Boss

In your estimation, what percentage of flame work is created because a client is afraid to question their boss? e.g. “are you sure you want to remove all the palm trees in this local-Southern California car commercial?”

Sub question, should WE even care, since it’s free work for us?

Parallel question: amount of work created because a client hasn’t decided what graphic goes in the phone yet.


Fear is the heart of love comp


Is there a number bigger than 100?


There is @andymilkis, but I have to get legal approval first.


100% of phone comps. 12% overall.

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Not sure what to think about the fear issue, (I think most of them are spineless, slack-jawed snot-drippers any way) but the fact of the matter is, with the phone comps, even when they have the material in the phone, it looks like shit, it’s un-trackable and they can’t get the art work assets to fix it. Might as well just settle on comping it from the get-go.

Your next book should be Catch-22.

i know this is a light hearted subject, but the whole thing really winds me up. its the reason why we all pay so much for our products, Phones , cars, food , washing powder. it all cost (way) more because advertisers/ creatives cant make a creative decision.
for those that are old enough, to challenge this, some hippys in the 70’s came up with a cooperative that would take high street products and sell them in plain packages that have no advertising, only word-of-mouth sales. (tupperware was something similar)… the product was called “Amway”… and it was very cheap because you were only paying for the product inside.
Amways later bacome a cult and was eventually discredited but thats another story…