Rocky vs Mac renders

Hi I find Nvidia renders look different to Mac(M1,2,AMD,etc).

For this reason I try to avoid mixing them ie if I render the same shot on both platforms and they look a little different ie , my paint can look smudgier on a Mac or comp edge or whatever its not exactly the same, and I could get feedback from a pixel f##ker, saying ie "go back to how it was, it looked better in your previous comp? etc etc,… therefore I’ve been finding myself only rendering on an Nvidia, and only setting stuff up on a Mac.

Does anybody else feel similar or am I just paranoid or crazy?

I do prefer the low maintenance of a Mac, but the quality of Linux, but always worry about mixing, anybody else, …or do you go one or the other and never mix?

Why am I asking this? bcos I think my GPU just failed in my PC, and troubleshooting has taken days/hours, and I’m thinking I should just dump my other PC and go all Mac,…

Any advice and experiences appreciated.



You will see subtle gamma shift differences, based on different OS/drivers/hw. Yes, Linux/GPU vs MacOS/CPU will indeed look different.

The only true consistency is when all renders are done via the same setup.

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when you say same setup, you mean Mac setup or Linux setup right, if so I agree, …all linux/quaudro GPU (geforce can differ too), vs Mac,. AMD, but not sure if AMD renders differs to M2ultra,… but I would suspect all M’s are the same…

Back when we had burn up and running this was a big issue. If the machine’s weren’t identical (GPU) you’d get different results on different frames.