Tell us how you learn or teach complex skills or complex software

Hello everyone!

Please complete this 5-minute survey to help Autodesk researchers better understand how you learn, or teach, new technology-related complex skills and complex software.

Your responses will be anonymous unless you indicate you’d like to participate in a follow-up paid interview in the final question of the survey.

We invite you to complete this survey whether or not you use Autodesk products.

All voices are welcome: students, teachers, hobbyists, mentors, professionals, artists, engineers!

A desktop display is recommended for the best survey experience.


Thanks @YannLaforest. Submitted!

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I keep stumping myself on whether or not I have learned anything in the past five years.

like, i know i’ve learned stuff, but it’s all such random crap. “I know a lot more about logarithmic color” doesn’t exactly line up with the survey, so then I think about my efforts to improve my 3d skills, which I haven’t put to enough use to measure. That’s usually when I close the tab and promise to come back to it later.

Other than that, I’m making an effort to write clearer sentences. It’s going so-so.


You are enough, Andy.

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(but only on Tuesdays and Thursdays)

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