V2024.1.2, buggy renders?

anybody else finding dodgy batch renders in v2024.1.2 linux ?

Why use an old version?

Isn’t 24.2.1 the current one?
But never had any issues in the 24 versions, but on mac. What kind of issues/glitches is flame rendering?

Typo corrected

becouse, my project 7tb? in a 16tb Framestore and don’t really want to copy/convert, and actually Im backing up the an archive, … but I also have 2024.2 installed just to test before 2024.2.1 was out and found similar issues.

yes glitches, I thought I narrowed it down to mask mblur, …but started getting glitches again after a a while

I have a few different archives as I’ve been going along, but currently transferring what I would call the main one on to an other nas before I try an upgrade, but im starting feel like it could be graphics card issue,…

Can you be more specific? Please post screenshots or an example.

Im not by my linux flame atm, also under NDA, so cant post, …they are random glitches on random frames , ie slight colour change, to extreme colour change, … matte holes appearing on random frames,striped shapes in black across image, the shot is 155 frames I may get 10-25 random glitched frames, every time I render it appears on different frames. I just rendered the whole shot with no prerenders on my iMac with no problems,…

The linux flame has an RTX8000, … hope I don’t need to fork out for another card,… or time I retired the Z8 and go for Mac Studio… or stick with iMacs , and setup a burn node with my RTX laptop,…shame

Turns out is was a Gmask Tracer Mblur, …one that I missed,…

But strange that its only in linux,? is there any sense in this?