VFX pinball

As I am juggling multiple jobs I was hoping someone would come up with a VFX pinball machine that some days I feel like is my life. I just thought what would it be and would anyone like to name a few bumpers, pull back nob would be job start, bumper could be notes coming in at 6pm, make it more organic, split the difference could be a few, paddles would be send to clients or notes addressed. I just hope someone whom owns a facility builds this anyone have any other ideas?


Alert dialogue box sounds for sure. 1khz 2-pop sounds too…

Compositor walks off, a director flip/flop spinner, Red desktop frames, Segment fault crash, producer panic, a “circle back” corkscrew.

Client attend peanut gallery multi-ball!

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Multi-Ball is “Late Night Client Session!!!”

The closest I ever got to this was a Logik Live Bingo Card.