What is your Flame Superhero Power?

If you could have a Flame Superhero Power, what would it be? But, like Superman’s Krytonite, there’s always a rub, or defect, or “kryptonite.”

For example, I’d want the power of flight, but you’d say “But It’d only work whilst lying on my back and feet first.”

I’d want my Flame Superhero Power to be that no matter what, my keys and roto always had super perfect edges. But what’s the rub?

All your exports fail so you can never show anyone those perfect edges?

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Aww that’s BRUTAL. Hahah…I’d have to take individual screen capturues and reassemble them in Final Cut…HAHAHAAHAH.

@adamshell , what’d your Flame Superhero power be?

I’d like to be able to invisibly remove anything from a shot in under 1 minute.

The downside, I have no control over what gets removed. The client has to play the cleanup lottery in the hope that the correct thing gets removed

Okay, you get to invisibly remove anything from a shot in under a minute, but, BOOM…now there’s a Starbucks cup in your shot.

Ha! I’ll take that, better than a boom or a member of crew!!

I only need two weeks to finish any job but the edit never locks. Wait…


Job security!


Okay, but someone ELSE gets to name your kryptonite…So, @Quinn, you can master color management, but you can’t use the Conform tab.


Everyone’s flame superpower is their faithful flame assistant.
Everyone’s flame kryptonite is their unfaithful flame assistant.


To know how to use sapphire Sparks

But you can only use S Scanlines

You can have an awesome flame assist but their salary is deducted from yours.

I can’t use any of it really. I avoid them like the plague. If I could have a superpower you said, right?

…but the Nuke guys are using all the licenses… in perpetuity.


Well John, looks like you’re power is legit but the sapphires are unlicensed. Brutal.

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Damn you Lex Luthor

My superpower is getting all sorts of tracks perfect, but…

…but only on the handles of a shot.