Who is the person in charge of Flame marketing and promotion right now?

Crickets? We used to at least know who the name of the person was supposed to be in charge of this.

Did I miss a memo? Who is reaching out to Flame artists to leverage their talent and body of work to promote Flame?


Hi Greg-Paul, I believe @robert.doche is the one you are looking for.

Great. Thank you Jasmin.

You haven’t missed a memo but you ain’t watching Logik Lives, the Flame Awards, the Hall of Flame, or read the numerous threads that Autodesk marketing has shared, including the one you responded in.

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I totally appreciate all the user initiatives, and ADSK promoting Flame to Flame artists. Where is the specific outreach to people who aren’t already customers? Things like Boris’ initiative.

I surely might have missed some publicity somewhere. We don’t need Flame users to be more enthusiastic - we’ve got that part.


And it’s fun having swag giveaways for existing customers. I’d like to learn about what is being done outside of promoting nostalgia. I’m sure there must be something, but no Flame artists I know have seen it either.

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Interesting. What would you do with that information? And unless I’m missing something you’re not entitled to that information. Maybe if you’re a shareholder it’s in the prospectus. Nike doesn’t owe you that information because you are rocking their Air Jordan’s. Starbucks doesn’t owe you that information cuz you love you some Starbys. Apple doesn’t owe you that because you think Samsung will gain market share.

Let ‘em do their thing.

I dont I think GP is asking for trade secrets… It seems he is just rephrasing the same question that we all keep asking - what is being done to attract new talent to the Flame platform?

As users and working professionals, we are doing a fabulous job of PR and cheerleading, but I don’t see a lot being done to pull users into the software from the outside. I don’t know what he’s talking about with Boris Fx, but in general there continues to be a lack of new users. Junior people. Fresh meat :smiling_imp: amirite?


I’m of course not entitled to any information. I’m asking for the contact because I would like to volunteer to help in that avenue if they were interested.

In the past I’ve had close relationships with marketing and have done quite a lot of free promotion work for ADSK all over the world. These days not only hasn’t ADSK reached out for anything, it’s the first time I don’t even know who to contact.

Thus, I asked who is the contact. It’s not a big deal or anything personal.


I can also affirm what Renee said. Lots and lots of artists talk about this and scratch their heads and have anxiety about the product’s viability without aggressive action to court new users. This is a concern for many.


@GPM , Right now im designing a Flame Course/Seminar with @robert.doche and the higher ups at Specs Howard film/tv school in Detroit. It’s been my baby for the past year….Would you like to join in and help us out? Is this what you mean by trying to find more talent?


Hey Amanda! I had no idea you were working on this.

Let me know if there’s anything I can do. Do you need lesson plan material or real-world examples of work?


All of the above! I’ll DM you!

I’d love to be of help any way I can - just lemme know.


:partying_face: Ill DM you!

GPM and digitalbanshee, I agree with you both.

Here on Logik, the Flame crew (including – but not limited to – Fred, Stéphane, Grant, Yann, and Beau James) do a great job of being available for questions and answers. From the early days of discreet the link between Flame’s developers and Artists has been amazingly short and – thankfully – it’s been maintained over many, many years.

That said (and to GPM’s point), product marketing is a public undertaking by definition and I just don’t see ADSK doing much of it for Flame – anywhere.

Personally I’m a mostly-satisfied ADSK customer (with a few outstanding issues on my list :wink:). As a customer, I want to see ADSK taking steps to keep this platform viable by doing better outreach to current customers and developing new artists.

Randy mentioned the Hall of Flame… a wonderful look back over 30 years of Flame history and I can’t think of another VFX company that would dig so deep into its history. But if you didn’t know the “Hall of Flame” term you will NEVER find that site. In fact, I just went to Autodesk.com and searched “Hall of Flame”… the first Flame-related link slots in at #4 in the search results and it’s an irrelevant hit from 2021.

Anyone remember the wonderful My First Flame site ADSK built to commemorate Flame’s 15th anniversary in 2007? All those great stories and reminisces? Gone. Wayback Machine has some text-only caches from those days, but surely such a visual application deserves something better than an expired certificate warning and a resort to the Internet Archive.

Checked out AREA recently? The Flame, Smoke, and all other product-specific boards have been nuked and replaced with a generic VFX Group. To me it doesn’t look like a success… the most recent post in the VFX Group is from March 28, 2022. :grimacing:

The dearth of visible Flame advertising, difficulty in finding recent (and archival) marketing initiatives, and the perceived lack of enthusiasm for Flame is not encouraging. That said, considering how technically and financially competitive Flame is with other solutions in the market, I scratch my head wondering why ADSK doesn’t seem to be trying to increase market share.

Maybe they ARE doing so? Perhaps in channels that I’m not aware of?

I can think of many ways ADSK could demonstrate its commitment to Flame and its future users and am waiting to see if ADSK decides to move in that direction.


digitalbanshee –

GPM was referring to this post about BorisFX’s opening for a full-time product evangelist:


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I hate to say be the one to say this, because I don’t love their channel and I’m not someone that really cares for any form of social media, but show off a flame on the Corridor Crew youtube channel and I think you’re gonna have a whoooole bunch of aftereffects kids talking about flame all the sudden.


I htink it was 2021 logik Christmas zoom we all chatted about how to get more young users interested…I joked about a T2 beauty shader (TikTok) like A2 beauty and then the birth of the idea of Renderdome was born with soem other users talking about just comping on the fly (what was his name again? @andymilkis ?)…Def trying to figure out how to get the interest out there…And me being an Alumni of Specs Howard they are very open arms about what they can do to help me help them and thats why Im super stoked to try and see what we can do for them to get a flame /class/seminar/cirriculum in that school! @BrittCiampa Would you like to help? I can DM you some details if youd liek to know more!

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