Who is the person in charge of Flame marketing and promotion right now?

Corridor Crew seem like nice folks but they are all-in on AE.

Considering their audience, I think an ADSK Flame demo would boost Flame’s visibility.

They recently mentioned switching (at least partially) to Nuke in their Batman Trailer video We put the OLDEST Batman into the NEWEST Batman - YouTube

Same video also has call outs for RunwayML and VideoEnhanceAI.

I think Autodesk certainly has a roll to play in promoting Flame, but as I recently argued, that ship kind of sailed about ten years ago. The steps they’ve taken to make Flame more open and accessible in the last five years have created an opportunity for our community to grow, but to be honest, I’m not sure that most Flame artists actually are clamoring for more new blood. I’ve been through the archives on this site and there seem to be a number of people who are rather agnostic on whether more people should be using Flame. Most of us have been on Flame more or less since the beginning or learned directly from someone who was. Remote work and outsourcing are making that kind of apprenticeship less common. If there isn’t a concerted effort from those of us in a position to demand more investment in Flame talent from the companies we work for then I don’t see Flame growing too much. You can’t squeeze blood from a stone.

I’ve been told you can’t compare Flame and Nuke, but it doesn’t seem to me there is much reason for companies to stock up on Flame talent when they can go out and grab Nuke artists for half the price or better yet just outsource the work. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a producer bid Flame hours, turn around and outsource all the work to Nuke artists in India. What a great way to pad your margins.

The last thing I’ll say is that Autodesk’s FY22 revenue was 4.39 billion dollars according to their last annual report. If you assume 20,000 annual Flame subscriptions(a number pulled straight from my sunshineless area) at a yearly subscription cost of $4,635 then we get a yearly revenue of 92.7 million. That would represent 2.1% of total revenue. How much incentive is there to invest in marketing a product that represents such a small precentage of revenue?

There are a little more than 1,000 users of this forum. Not to be western-centric, but I would venture we represent more than 5% of global Flame subscriptions. Only Autodesk knows the real number(unless its broken out somewhere in the annual report that I’m too lazy to read) of subscriptions but I think its fair to say there are likely fewer than 20,000 annual subscriptions. I would guess somewhere between five and ten thousand. So probably less than 1% of total revenue.

The only value Flame has to Autodesk is as a prestige product that gets AD’s logo up on red carpet backdrops at film openings…oh wait thats actually probably because of Maya.

To say that we’re facing some structural issues is an understatement.


I think that Boris placed that ad because Mary Poplin is following Will Harris’ footsteps and moving to Frame.io.