2025.0.1 Update on Mac, Aja IO 4K Plus no longer can load

Running a Mac Studio M2 Ultra on Sonoma 14.0. I just installed 2025.0.1 and It refuses to load my Aja IO box.

I updated firmware and its software. It loads just fine in 2024. Anyone else have this issue as well?

Hi Evan. I have T-Tap Pro running on mac and works with 2025.0.1
Make sure you have installed driver 17.0.1 and allow in Privacy and Security once installed

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Hello evanguidera!
Two things to have a look at:
Flame 2025.x requires the latest AJA Software 17.0.1. Download it from AJA web site. More details here: Help

Then visit the Setup application, select Flame 2025.0.1 and ensure you have in the General tab AJA defined for both Video and Audio devices. Then, in the Preview tab, make sure the required Preview timings are selected and set to AJA. Then you should be good to go.

Let us know.

Thank you for your help! Yes unfortunately I did all of these steps. Aja is enabled in setup. But with firmware and the application updated to 17.0.1, I still opening a project it says “Error. Device AJA not found. Continuing with no video device.”
And in the prefs, Broadcast output is unavailable/blank.

I would recommend to open a ticket with our support team. It will be easier than back and forth of messages here.

Please keep us updated about the outcomes.