A little ditty about a frustrated flame artist

I was feeling frustrated about removing a tiny thing that was really difficult (required 3d modeling the majority of the scene and lots of syntheyes… blah blah blah)

So I asked udio to write a song about a flame artist asked to do something difficult and insignificant:


Incredible. I need the full lyrics. I need a signed record.

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I need an AI music video to go along with it. In 15 deliverable formats, thx.


whoa. Udio is awesome.

Here’s my song about an unemployed flame artist in the style of 70’s yacht rock. I think it pretty much nailed it.


That is awesome. How can I download that?

Right-click the player widget, Save

Wow. This is really fun.
New one! “The Editor’s Got AI Now”


OMG that is hilarious


I made a longer version of the one I posted earlier for your listening enjoyment, lyrics below:

A Flame Artist’s Rhapsody

[Verse ]
Friday night burns with a deadline fight
still work till Sunday dawn
A flame artist gets no rest.

Betwixt the pixels and light they’re strapped tight
Just heard they’re gonna change the locked picture.

Oh, frame by frame they’re picking it apart.
Flame by flame, they make me do the near impossible
but at what cost?

[verse repeat]
An urgent call, the phone lights up,
A top client’s brief, the work’s non- stop.
A spot where the work entails
A Car commercial that’s off the rails.

Lots of work to be done here
Lots of work. each shot has a lot.

the shots are tough, the workload’s dense,
time is tight, the pressures intense.

Agency says the photography is problematic,
to say the least.
they had some issues on location,
to say the least.

[kbd solo]

[spoken word: male voice]
please fix the following
across all shots

Cars parked along the street to disappear,
Pedestrians walking, none should appear.
Starbucks signs must fade, all gone,
Billboards, cop cars, simply withdrawn.

Cracked pavements, wrong lines, must be set right,
Garbage bins, crew members out of sight.
The car’s wrong color, tires don’t fit the frame,
Camera crane reflections, in this cleanup game.

[chorus repeat]
Oh frame by frame
they add too many shots
They ask to do the near impossible
and want it now.

[verse repeat]
Making progress, checking off shots,
One by one, solving visual knots.
Then a task, seemingly light and small,
Just a tiny sign, barely there at all.
Just a tiny sign in the foreground.
[verse repeat]
A giant camera move’s dramatic view,
this tiny sign, must be removed.
It sweeps through the foreground, hiding what’s beneath,
What lies behind? What’s underneath?
Everything’s occluded! Everythings occluded!

Is it time for synthize?
Yes, it’s time for synth-eyes!

[verse repeat]
At last complete, the files got sent
To the agency for their assessment
Waiting in silence, the verdict drags on
Days turn to nights, will they say it’s all wrong?

Every day we wait for an answer, is it approved?
Is this job complete? is it approved? Approved?

Hold on!
It’s still going through legal.

Word’s in from the client, It’s finally approved!


Oh, frame by frame they’re loving all our work.
we always do the near impossible
in record time.

oh flame.
Yeah flame.
yeah flame.
oh flame.



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im crying over here

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Crying from pain or laughter? :sweat_smile: