Additional Pay Rate Surveys

(re-sharing via the Tao of Color newsletter and with @randy’s permission)

We have our own Flame specific rate survey.

More broadly in the industry there is the Blue Collar Post Collective survey which has been done since 2016. They cover a broader spectrum, but do have a finishing/Flame category in their survey.

Here’s a link to previous survey results: Surveys & Studies — Blue Collar Post Collective

There were 52 entries in the 2021 data in the Online Editor/Finishing/Flame Artist category (out of 2068 total entries).

They’re now asking folks to submit for the 2022 survey. If you’re inclined to make an anonymous entry, it’s always helpful to get as much data as possible to get statistically meaningful trends.

2022 survey link

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Thanks Jan! This is great. Survey filled out!

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