Ai generative cloud based GPU

Hi everyone, I have another deep fake head replacement job possibly coming up. As the turnaround is SUPER quick i have to find a cloud based solution for training 7 shots concurrently. I can only do 1 at a time in my home office so am looking into Google Cloud, Lambda to do all 7 at the same time, but they are not easy to understand or impossible to book instances ahead of time for less than $100k. Has anyone here have experience in getting through multiple shots at the same time using a cloud based GPU facility? Im using Deep Face Lab for the training. I sent a message to Thiago here who seems to have great experience in some de aging techniques but opening it up to the group as i need to bid this soon. thank you!!

look at the offerings of Vultr or DigitalOcean. I happen to like Vultr. Both of them are much easier to use than AWS or GCP.


thanks Alan, ill take a look at them!

@theoman did you wind up going down the cloud GPU route? how did it work out for you?

For 5 days i was trying to install Deepfake and all its associated bits and bobs ( tensorflow, cuda, python, conda etc) on a Ubuntu partition ready for migration to 7 instances in the cloud. Damn it was near impossible! I have a whole document of linux installs to get the scripts to work, Last Thursday the job went away so i didnt get a chance to see! I was bummed! BUt damn its harder than the first time i installed flame on a linux - ridiculous!


yikes! well, thanks for the feedback! glad you didn’t get burned on it

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