AI Style Transfer for Video footage?

Does anyone know of a good AI tool for ‘style transfer’ on video footage?
Like to unify skies of material shot over multiple days

There is Ebsynth

Isn’t Ebsynth just basically MotionVector Tracking?

Looks like it is. Not AI for sure.

Thanks @Sinan, appreciated!

Have you tried Runway ML? A few different options in there, and super easy to use compared to some of the other options? But most style transfer I’ve seen has been very stylistic, rather than photo real.

Thanks @RufusBlackwell.
Can you do style transfer (or rather “look transfer”) with RunwayML?
Just opened it again (been some time) and can’t see that kind of options.
What I’d need to do is for example, on a job, grab 5 takes that are supposed to have time and space coherence, but where shot over several days.
Let’s say everything’s fine except that the sky is different. To keep it simple, let’s assume that they are all overcast with not much light direction, but very different kinds of clouds.
I’d then need to select one of the shots for sky ref, and replace the sky in all other shots with something matching the ref.
The question is: is there an AI tool that would make the process more efficient than painting, masking and tracking?

No I don’t think runway really does that. I’ve never seen anything that can do that yet, most video stuff is quite low res, or very stylised, not really that great for photorealistic work. Also AI creates amazing stuff, but is often hard to get it to produce the specific stuff you want. It’s like a really talented but disobedient artist.

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And then this comes along…

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