I seem to remember a module called autocomp in flame. Am I correct?

Sounds like something that you would have found in the tools tab.

Hang on. Perhaps it was automatte

That rings a bell :bell:

My memory tells me it was a short lived node around the time of the 20th Anniversary addition when the comp node was getting upgraded to 16bit fl.

Auto matte is still there. Can’t say I’ve ever used it.

Blend and Comp?

Ha ha ha.

I think this is the one I was thinking of. Agree that I could never find a use either.

I think this is the one I was thinking of too.

One of the strangest nodes made really…

Useful for stop motion animation where multiple exposures might occur on a strip of film, like back in the old days.
Deal, automatte, logic ops, rinse, repeat…

Meant Blend and Comp :rofl:

Never looked at it until now. Seems like a simpler/faster version of 2D Histogram. Both can be useful luma keyers, or clamping nodes.

Just oddly named, which is not uncommon for Flame nodes. Not a lot of people would reach for Mux when they really just needed a Framehold

Speaking of old nodes, there was a Composite or Compositor node which was 2D transform and comp if memory serves me right.


pre-action, if I recall correctly

Composite was around for a while post action. 3d effects was a strange early/mid-90s module that was a single layer DVE with 3d text that was eventually was superseded by action.

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Best one was distort, the setup changed everytime you went into the module

Desktop warper? Got burned by that.

I love the desktop warper, it may be long in the tooth but it can do stuff that distort can’t

Very true. Does it do linear these days?

How does it handle anamorphic?

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