🎰🔥 Autodesk Flame @ NAB! 🎰🔥

Hi Logik!

Stephane Labrie and Fred Warren are Vegas bound this weekend to demo you Flame 2025 at the HP booth (SL2048) and the Dell booth (SL8065) on:

Sunday, April 14: 10AM - 11AM & 3PM - 4PM
Monday, April 15: 11AM - 12PM & 3PM - 4PM
Tuesday, April 16: 10AM - 11AM & 2PM - 3PM
Wednesday, April 17: 11AM - 12PM

They will also be hosting a Flame 2025 presentation at the Dell Theater on Sunday at 2:30PM.

To all those attending, have a great NAB show! :fire:

Get to know Flame 2025 ahead of the show on The Flame Learning Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@Autodesk_Flame/videos