Axis Data to Text

Hi There,

I’m trying to figure out a way to take my axis data (from an action) and pipe that into a live text readout. So basically, creating a HUD for rotational values. Poking around, I’ve tried to use expression links but I can’t seem to find a node (text, burn-in metadata, 3d text) that allow for something like this.

Has anyone done something like this in the past?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi @JayHawkins,
I remember creating a counter with expressions that were linked to axis positions. I’ll try to dig it up from my archives.

A guy named Beak (Peter) did a great tutorial on this. Sadly, some of the features he used to make it go quickly are no longer available. I used the process in my Lockdown Tips and Tricks video. I will try to find it and perhaps I can post the setup.

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Here it is: Expressions - Creating a Universal Counter - Guest Presentation - YouTube


Hey Jay, food for thought - maybe something like baking your axis data as a ASCII file. ie saving the action setup or even as a camera data (translate it to a another variable) and save it out. Then read that back in your text node. Not sure about how it animates though… maybe each frame is a unique text file. and you have to animate between multiple Text nodes…

another thought you might try and find its like a “print” function in expression… if you look into the text editor and type something, each character actually appears in the Animation tab and is labelled with a 000_ ie if you type ‘n’ maybe you can create a expression between an action node and a text node…
sorry only thoughts, no concrete workarounds.

Thanks All!

I went old school and did it manually yesterday, but it did my head in. I’ll have a look at the above and see what I cobble up.