Blue Screen with soft edges

I am having trouble getting a nice edge on objects that are out of focus in front of a blue screen. I tried using crok_additive_key with and without “Joels version” but still end up with grey, dark edges. Are there any magic tricks for these type of shots?

Here are two frames and a background if somebody want to give it a try

Have you got the frames not multiplied?

I can not provide full image due to NDA unfortunately, hence the black overlay.

It’s a bit difficult to see what’s going on with your frames being blacked out.

All I can say is this: get the black and white levels to match: add then cc 50%. Then soft matte bits in and grade where necessary to make it hang together. In my head it’s rather like applying glazes in painting.


I threw this together–out of context it’s hard to really see how successful this approach might be. I keyed/comped in log and then converted on the other end back to rec. Spill suppression, the CC node and blending in the additive key are what will make or break this approach. (169.2 KB)

EDIT: Reupped the arch @christopher.ekdahl, the inputs on the top mux are your two pre-multed frames and the the bottom stream is your background. Let me know if it works out.


Thank you for the help @cnoellert and @johnt. Turned out great in the end :+1: