Cam shake control

Hi Hive

I have a 3d camera track of real cam shake, and i need to use it on an other shot, so i have “Position” XYZ, “Aim” XYZ, and “Roll” data from an FBX cam export, and I want to control and keyframe the frequency and amplitude of the shake.

I understand the best way to do this is with Expressions. I’ve found a matchbox (S_camctrl) in the facebook grp, that does simply by linking, but not with Roll and Aim. I need to use Roll and Aim, as the track doesnt work well as a free cam that would give me rotation,… any advice apreciated, thanks!

I have an action node with expressions that allows you to dial adjust the amplitude of the shake. You can adjust the frequency by dragging the end of the track in the channel editor. You can also adjust the amplitude manually by selecting the keyframes and adjusting using Y-scale, however it is destructive in that you can’t reliable return to where you were short of using undo. I’ll see if I have some sort of tutorial for the variable stabilizer.
If you have the info in a camera instead of an axis, then you may want to find the setup that has been used discussed here that allows one to transition smoothly between two cameras, only in your case one of those cameras would be at default. This may preclude adjusting the amplitude higher than the original

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