Can't film let go: LUTs for Rec2020

That is my problem: I’m grading all my stuff by myself, and I’m deeply rooted in shooting on 35mm when grading was practically the transfer from negative to DigiBeta or later SR with only basic colour and contrast adjustments. There was the Pogel and the Da Vinci; the latter showed off its Power Windows to the clients as shocking rocket science. The fanciest stuff was to grade inversely from the neg. A thing I never was able to replicate digitally. Grading was somewhat limited back then, which forced us to care about photography even more.

Ok. I’m somewhat fed up with all the camera testing, searching for the cool look, you name it. After selling the Epic Dragon, I got myself a Leica SL2-S because I can’t afford a Mini, but its colour is as close as it gets to the Arri, and it can shoot stills! Leica adjusted the camera’s log files to the Rec2020 colour space for max. dynamic range. That way, they didn’t have to create their own colour space, like everyone else. On the flip side, there’s no ACES IDT available that compensates for the footage’s log-ness in the Rec2020 IDT.

So I dropped the ACES workflow and embraced Rec2020. Colour managed it’s a great colour space for many things, including grading, especially when SDR is the target. But the Leica Rec2020 LUT is boring, to say the least. It’s an engineer’s idea of what’s right (the curse of digital imaging). Because, as stated above, I want my film and Pogle back, I created a LUT.

This LUT works only sensibly in Rec2020, consists of the Fuji 3510’s gamma curve but doesn’t contain the Fuji colour (I stripped colour in Lattice). To give the whole thing the out-of-the-box zing, I added a CDL that nicely counters the Leica log curve.

On top of that, I created three derivates that have the colour temperature warmed in 500 K increments. That way, I get a filmlike, warm-ish roll-off in the whites (a wonderful flaw that digital killed at the very first). And lastly, there’s besides the inevitable Fuji and Kodak LUTs, an experimental B&W LUT that mimics a red camera filter (darkens the blue sky and lightens skin tones)

If someone here at Logik owns a Rec2020 10Bit log camera, here are the LUTs:



With Rec2020 you mean HLG/2020 or PQ/2020? The iPhone also shoots HLG/2020 :slight_smile: