Carbon VFX - Searching for Junior/New Flame Artists - Any reccos?

Hello everyone,

Carbon VFX is looking to grow our Flame talent pool and one way that we are hoping to do that in the next few months is by getting some new artists into the vfx and finishing game, starting out in an assist/junior role.

As the jobs have gotten more demanding and work from home has kept so many of us separated, I’d like to find a way to build up some new talent and continue the apprenticeship needed for continuing to move us forward.

This is where I am having trouble finding some good search parameters. Does anyone know of any eager newbies that would be potentially unable to move up at their current company or searching for a place to switch to Flame from Nuke, editing, etc?

I’m open to discussion as well as to how others are hoping to keep the pool of talent growing.

Thanks in advance,
Matt Bregger