Creating nuke scripts from flame?

I’m trying to create a nuke script from flame, with the selected clip from the timeline to become the read node in the nuke script. And then save the nuke script in the correct folder.

I managed to make the menu action in flame and get the path to the selected clip. And also how to create and save the nuke script in the mac os terminal, but I cant figure out how to connect the two scripts together. Anyone knows how?

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I can’t help you but your question reminded me of a script, way back when, that converted batch setups to nuke scripts… or something along those lines. Back when Nuke was still in DD’s hands…

It was action setups… if memory serves.

Ah yes… that’s right… (maybe batch didn’t exist yet…hahaha… no… I’m not old… really not…)


Give the script a path to a template nuke script that you created with a broken Read node with the filepath field saying something like <PATH>. Have the script search for and replace the <PATH> token with your path in the correct format that nuke likes it, then write the file where it needs to go.

Maybe take a look at any of the scripts on the Logik Portal that generate Text setups using a template file. Very similar thing.

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Batch was around in '94.