Deals Job: freelance on-set vfx supe - ATL 12/14

We’ve got a shoot that we’ll need someone on-set for in Atlanta coming up on 12/14. Do we have anyone local there? Either PM me or email me at

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@ace_elliott ? @dhoffmeyer …know anyone?

If I wasn’t booked I’d drive it for ya @hBomb42.

I already hit up Deron on email and he gave me a couple of leads. We’re still looking, though. C’monn…the job involves quick-drying cement and a celeb. It’ll be a hoot! Otherwise yeah, Randy. I might end up driving it because I ain’t going near air travel in the middle of the post Thanksgiving Covid spike.

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Don’t forget to expense your miles! It was about 902 miles round trip, but, I was also driving around ATL for 10 days. And, there’s this great rest step on an island that I recommend you stop at. Right across the border. Not a bad place to sleep in your car.

We found someone through this board. Thanks, Logik!!!

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