Depth Aware Video Frame Interpolation

Hello folks,
i have a shot with a tricky Timewarp and it doesn’t look smooth…the shutter is from another universe.
I’m already playing around with the TimewarpML and came across the Depth Aware Video Frame Interpolation.
Does anyone have experience with Depth Aware Video Frame Interpolation?

Hi Fabian,

I haven’t tried this yet. I have had some luck with Topaz AI for video. I mainly use it for AI Upscaling but they do have an AI TW feature. Might be worth checking out.

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I have been waiting for an AI timewarp that can take into account depth information, as things crossing the image at different depths that so often causes them to not work or fall apart.

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We used DAIN before ML timewarp. The main thing I remember is that it what was limited to hd resolution at the time. It worked great aside from that from what I can remember.

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