Distort translate keys

Imported a track and created a simple spline in distort to warp a shirt and linked source dest and added a bunch of keyframes but once I unlink to distort that destination warp has all the keyframes so what I want is a translate keys does anyone know a good way to do this ?

I’m not sure about that, I haven’t used Distort in a long time bc I found it buggy like this. You might give a try with Deform in Action, adding your track axis above it.

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If you want the finest control, but likely more work, try extended bicubics in action.

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There is literally a menu item called Trans Keys which does what you want.

weird to me but in the distort node I don’t see anything like trans keys which is why I am asking, I only see that in gmask

How would you go about if you can’t track perfectly? That’s why I was using distort because I can move the source daily easily would you just adjust the UV of the mask to track with the fabric them distort accordingly?

that’s pretty 5 star and sums up distort node pretty well.

Yeah you track the ext bicubics UV’s first (it can be pretty forgiving with the track, depending on the shot). Then you move the vertices to distort it. There’s a video or two on this on the Flame Learning Channel, and maybe on Logik Pro Academy.

I see a Trans Keys edit mode on this box running 2021.1.1

But aside from that, the workflow Ive used in the past is to bring in the track, set all the necessary keys on the source to make it perfect THEN duplicate to a destination spline. Because like you are dealing with, it gets to be a mess when you need to adjust src & dest keyframes on the same frame separately. Its not a very forgiving workflow for sure.

I still don’t see tran keys in the deform node in batch maybe I am missing something all I see it the ability to shift the shape in the channel but that doesn’t move the individual points like I can in gmask . So not sure where I should be looking here is the UI I am seeing and I don’t see trans keys anywhere

For me, its under the menu set to Select over on the right.

oh thank you!! I clearly didn’t look under there , very much appreciated

This is good to know :point_up_2:

In the past I have needed to adjust all of the key frames that have been set during the link to source.