Excluding gmasks from your planar track

Hi all,

Ive been having a brain fart and i’m not sure i’m doing it right. Is there a @La_Flame tutorial somewhere? (I cant seem to find).



I believe this is the tutorial you are looking for.

To be honest though, anytime I have an object occluding the planar track, I go to Mocha (assuming just tracking a co-planar area isn’t working). Mocha’s method for this has always made more sense to me and works really well if you have multiple occlusions.


Btw, just thinking, it would be good to have the ML masking/exclusion tools in the planar tracking as well as in the new camera analysis node.


thanks Cory, nice. I need to brush up on mocha, its been awhile!

The occlusion workflow keeps breaking in Flame - there is an issues with media layers vs Tracking layers getting out of whack in Action. Generally you’re better off avoiding all of this by using the gmask tracer (only 1 input) which doesn’t have this issue and copying tracks into action. And switch to Rec :slight_smile: Once that’s all working it’s as good as Mocha apart from Powermesh IMHO.

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Yeah Action masks have always had some odd irregularities. I only track in Batch Gmask then copy over. Renee and I have done tests and side by side, batch gmasks deliver better tracks than Action. It shouldn’t be the case, but it is.


That’s really crazy - I assumed that once the oclusions were sorted they’d be identical. Good to know, and thanks for doing the testing :slight_smile:

Hey Rich, yeah i always use the gmask tracer for tracking!

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