Export issue - checkerboarding random frames

Trying to export a pr4444 or pr422 and getting the checkerboard on random frames with each export.

12-bit timeline consisting of 10 and 12-bit media, HD and 2K with resizes. Exported a low res proxy from this timeline earlier without any issues.

Am I missing something…?

I guess it depends if the checkerboard is actually the Flame ‘missing media’ checkerboard baked into the file, or if what you’re seeing is transparency and the checkerboard is coming from the viewing app (mpv for instance will show transparency as a small checkerboard pattern it generates.) If that’s the case, seeing the checkerboard in a 4444 export but not in a 422 makes sense since the latter doesn’t have an alpha. In which case if you don’t actually care about the alpha, you can switch it off in the export settings for the ProRes 4444.

If that’s not the case and these are anomalies (occurring in random places, etc) then my question would be, is this a foreground or background export?

is the source material h264? I had a problem a while back when importing mp4 videos. They looked fine in the timeline, played back ok, would render fine but then went black on the exported prores files.

only solution i found was never to import mp4s again!

All of the media in the timeline is prores

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It’s not an alpha issue, that was my first guess, but it doesn’t seem to be the problem. It seems the graphics string at the tail is causing the issue. I was able to export the body of the spot and the tail on their own, but as soon as soon as I tried to marry the graphics clip to the spot, I get the random export issue. Checkerboard in Flame, and at the Finder level the picture glitches in those areas. (Not specific to the GFX though… sometimes the GFX render fine and it corrupts a random shot towards the beginning of the spot). Very strange.

The quick workaround has been to marry the two pieces in Premiere. Going to do some more troubleshooting today.

Graphics. Is there somewhere something rendered from after effects or something else that supports variable frame rates?

The graphics are from an outside vendor, so I’m not certain which program they were made in. However, every graphic in the stringout has been used either in the body of this spot or another without any previous render issues…

Copy that. What happens when you write locally, and isolate it from being a filesystem/server problem?

Hey Randy, didn’t mean to ignore this. I think it must have been a corrupted timeline, rendering locally or to the server didn’t make a difference. But I got it working. Not sure exactly what happened…

Also, I have noticed that the ADPClientService monitor has really been making my machine sluggish. I have removed this file in the past and noticed performance improvement. It seems to keep popping up on my machine though whenever I put it on the internet to run an update or sign into my autodesk account.

Kind of off topic… but have you ever noticed this?