Exporting 29.97 edls problem

Hi all

Has anyone come across this? I’m exporting 29.97 edls for Baselight to grade made but the TK assists say the edls don’t work.

All footage shot on Alexa is 6k 29.97 exr.

When I do a conform in flame using tape + timecode it works. The only way TK can get it to work is using an aaf using frame number.

Ideally I’d like the edls to just work. Can’t figure it out. TK say the timecode is bad on edls but when I look in text edit the timebase seems correct to me and it conforms in flame. Am I missing something really obvious?

PEBKAC error?

It’s my theory. It conforms very well in flame. Just not in baselight.

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Send it to one of your American comrades…that’ll motivate them real quick. :slight_smile: