Flame 2023, Where You Need It | New Release Is Here! ☁️

Happy release day, Logik! :tada:

A new Flame release is here, focused on helping you collaborate, scale projects, and enrich your workflows.

Release highlights:

  • Flame now runs on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, empowering you to quickly deliver breathtaking content, from virtually anywhere.

  • A redesigned Animation Editor provides you with an enriched workflow for manipulating curves.

  • The HDR user interface has been enhanced so you can accurately view and manipulate vibrant imagery.

  • There is continued Apple M Series support via Rosetta 2.

  • Additional camera RAW formats and Rocky Linux 8.5 are supported.

  • More capabilities

Some resources with more information:

Flame on the Cloud FAQ: Running Flame Family on the Cloud | Flame Products | Autodesk Knowledge Network

Flame on the Cloud Reference Implementation Guide: Help

Flame Release Notes: Help

Flame What’s New: Help

Flame Timeline Page: What's New in Flame? | Autodesk

Flame What’s New AREA Blog Post: https://area.autodesk.com/inspire/articles/Gu3ol6XMI


Flame running on AWS means it can be used as a service?

Anyone who thinks they might want to use Flame in AWS… I highly recommend you browse the ADSK docs regarding this, before you spend a minute more thinking this is for you.


Those damn local machines are SOOOOO yesterday.

8k in the cloud is where the cool people are Alan…

And just think, maybe you could have 2 or 3 flame artists working on the same action setup at the same time. That would be even more COOL.

Luckily internet service is rock solid, and you don’t really need to worry about the security of your assets if someone else is watching it for you.

Sounds the the perfect solution… Lol