Flame Artist Needed


My name’s Mike and I recently became the director of a production studio at a creative agency. I’m currently looking for a Flame artist to work on something we’ve got in post at the moment. Current dates to hold are Tues. 10/25, Weds. 10/26, and Thurs. 10/27. If you’re available and interested please feel free to email me with your rate and links to your work. mike@abergerjoint.com

I also only know two flame artists––one was recommended by the other, and the second didn’t have anyone else to recommend. So even if you’re not available for this particular gig, please feel free to send me that info anyway so I can hit you up next time.



Thanks for posting. Our community is global and diverse so including a location and brief blurb about the kind of assistance you require might be helpful.

Thanks so much!