Flame Family products and Avid Nexis storage solution

Hello dear Flame artists!

Who in this great forum is using Avid Nexis storage on Linux with our products?

@tombox ?

We have been looking t it, Worried about bandwidth affecting the Avids (70 odd seats on a dual E5)

We use a Nexis, but haven’t connected it to the Linux Flame so far. It’s on my to-do list.

Thanks guys for your answers! Avid is not yet there as far as supporting Rocky Linux so that means that you would be limited to use Nexis storage with only Flame Family pre 2024 releases. If you are an Avid customers, make sure to ask them to update their drivers. We have made the request some time ago but it is not bad to remember your technology provider about supporting most recent configurations.

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Good context. Their ability to fix much more pressing issues on the Nexis has been luke warm at best I must say, so expectations will be low on this one.

In fairness, Media Composer development has slowed down dramatically. From what I heard a considerable part of their dev team is/was located in Ukraine and pre-occupied with higher priority defects of the world order. Not sure if they’ve managed to rebalance in the last year.