Flame Freelancers, our you usually doing all the Final Deliverables?

I just recently started Freelancing this fall. Most of the jobs I have had have been primarily compositing. Currently hitting it hard and reaching out to potential clients and getting on Rosters. For those of you that are working directly for Agencies are you typically spitting out all of the Final Deliverables? Or do you just send the Final Masters for them to make?

I imagine it could be a little of both. If you are making them all, are you exporting them from Flame or using compressor or other software?


I typically create all the deliverables.

Generally I’ll export masters from Flame, then use Shutter Encoder or Media Encoder to create all the dumb MP4s that are poorly described in the delivery documents.



Basically, it always changes and depends on what your clients want/need. It varies between client to client A LOT.

Smaller vendors tend to ask me to do everything, while larger ones find it more advantageous to use me to do the hard compositing tasks while they have a f/t employee manage the whole project w/client. Sometimes, it’s a junior running the project with seniors doing all the heavy lifting.

RE: How I make my files.

I also export masters from Flame and use Encoder for the rest as per Ted above.

I am almost never asked to make final deliverables.
I’m either doing shot based work or if running the timeline/conform I’m kicking out the standard ProresHQ sometimes 4444 or even Uncompressed QT for generics.
Sometimes places will asked to kick out something ready to post straight away, like an MP4 but yeah usually not kicking out final delivery specs files for the end client.
That goes even when working directly with an Agency.